Welcome to my portfolio

I’m Peter Kvarnström, 3D-artist

I’ll try to keep it updated with some of my professional work (which is mostly “Life Science”) and also my private work. It will be quite a mix!
If you don’t want to go straight to the images and animations I guess I have to tell you something about myself.
I’ll guess I’ll do that now…


Or 3D-Artist as you would say in English. Well turns out, I am one.
As many others I fell in love with the art while watching Toy Story.
And now I get to spend my days doing exactly what I like to do the most. Tinker away in the 3D-world.
Currently doing most Life Science illustrations, but I do enjoy my spare time doing everything but Life Science. I’ll try to show that here!

Oh yeah, I’m Peter, 26 and living in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Now check out that portfolio before you fall asleep!

Recent Work


My boss – Birthday #60

Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom

I was listening to Infected Mushroom and got inspired by the cover to Army Of Mushrooms, featuring the artwork of Anton Semenov (Gloom82 on deviantart). I decieded to give it a go in Zbrush, creating a personalized verison. C4D & Zbrush


Foot Skeleton